Short Throw Zoom lens version

A serious projector for expert consultants, architects, designers, installers and event users that require placement within a minimum distance from screen as possible while still providing the benefits for a professional installation mode. The 360 degree Horizontal and Vertical positioning along with the ability to utilize lens shift will provide added flexibility without detriment to the overall image integrity. 

3LCD, Fully Enclosed light engine

With a patented fully enclosed laser light engine, utilizing 3LCD technology, added protection IP6X rated architecture is provided within the unique VUE2 design. Avoiding any contaminants from fine dust or sand, the filter-less system provides clear crisp image images while maintaining optimal colour performance throughout the life of your projector.

No Light Source Replacement for up to 25,000 hours

The Laser light source has an ultra-long service life of up to 25,000 hours in eco mode or up to 20,000 hours in standard mode.    With these environmental friendly characteristics, 30% of energy savings can be accomplished compared to general lamp based projectors.

Smart Temperature Control

The built-in smart temperature control system can monitor the projector internal temperature in real time. It controls the fan speed to automatically adjust the projector’s working temperature, maintaining the projector at an optimal temperature, which increases the projector’s stability and prolongs its service life.

Quick Start and Quick off

Laser technology gives the presenter the ability to quickly turn on and off the projector without having to wait for the unit to cool down, unlike older lamp technology based projectors which required a defined period of time.

Flexibility with 360 degree horizontal and vertical setup

Take your design and installation to the next level with the flexibility of being able to orient the projector in any 360 degree vertical or horizontal position. Project onto the floor, ceilings or in portrait orientations giving you the ability to be creative with your visual design.  

Designed for colour performance - 3LCD Technology

Take full advantage of 3LCD rich colour fidelity providing the optimum colour brightness levels equal to white levels. The rich colour along with the ability to reproduce higher colour gamut provide a more real and natural image. Enjoy the 3LCD visual performance without the rainbow effect, which is commonly associated with other display technologies.

Key Functions

◆ Horizontal and Vertical lens Shift
◆ Corner Keystone Correction
◆ 360° free and Flexible installation function
◆ Auto Image Rotation
◆ DICOM simulation mode
◆ Built-in LAN for remote monitoring
◆ Quick start and Quick off function
◆ One-button black screen function
◆ Overheat automatic shutdown function
◆ Password locking and anti-theft lock latch
◆ Compatible with Crestron – PJ-Link – AMX


Vue2 VIN-U7A-S Specifications

Model VIN-U7A-S

Brightness (ISO lumens)*

6500 Lumens


WUXGA (1920x1200) 




11 KG

Dimension (WxHxD)

545 x 135 x 345mm (not incl. protruded part)


Illumination by Nichia

For more information, please download our product specification PDF.

Vue2 VIN-U7A-S Dimensions

Vue2 VIN-U7A-S dimensions illustration

Vue2 VIN-U7A-S Projection Table

WUXGA (16:10 aspect ratio)

Screen Size (inch) Min. (wide)(meter) Max. (tele)(meter)



















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